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Have your guests' names professionally written on your invitations is the perfect finishing touch. We offer a choice of three different calligraphic styles: Italic, Modern Calligraphy, and Informal Script.

Flourished Italic is the perfect choice if you would like your guests' names written in a conventional style of calligraphy.


Although decorative, Italic remains legible, and is the more traditional of the three writing styles offered.


Italic is created using a broad calligraphy nib.

Modern Calligraphy is perfect for those who prefer a more contemporary style of lettering.


Less formal than Italic, it is a lively, informal calligraphic script.


Modern Calligraphy is created using a pointed calligraphy nib.

Informal Script is a lively, informal lettering style that is more related to handwriting than to calligraphy.


It is similar to modern calligraphy, but written with a lighter touch which results in finer pen-strokes.


Informal Script is created using a pointed calligraphy nib.

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